Koubalink - Opinions?

Any opinions on the 250X CRF3 Koubalink lowering part? I've read the reviews on their website but want more unbiased opinions. Also, do you recommend any other adjustments after the installation? Thanks in advance.


I have installed the Koubalink and had no problems at all, they provided some washers to lift the bar height slightly so as I could push the forks up further. The bike is considerably lower than before and it has not effected the handling. Being vertically challenged it has made the bike alot more manageable in difficult trail situations.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Kouba.



hey, thanks a bunch. i will buy one today.

Ozminator, how tall are you?

Just put a kouba link on my 04 crf250x for my son who is 5'5" and 130 pounds. Installed in minutes and works great

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