Clear Creek Wet Weather Closure

The BLM has closed Clear Creek until Thursday afternoon, 3/2, because they got almost 2" of rain down there. With another storm scheduled for Thursday they could keep it closed all weekend.

Check the conditions line at 831-630-5060 before driving down there.


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CC sure needed this rain !! Hope it stops 3-4 days before the Bore !!

dp :thumbsup:

sat the 25th it was a dust bowl out there,can't beleive how fast it dries up

out there.I would think the recent rains would only improve riding conditions.

I wonder if they actually check the trails before they close it :thumbsup:

Adam 3rd,

I doubt it. I suspect they just look at the rain gauge on the internet from thew comfort of the Hollister office.


Thanks for the heads-up on the blog site! Too many things to remember.

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