Oil leak fixed?

Alright guys. I had an 05 KX250F. As it was warming up it would blow oil out of the breather hose. Checked to make sure I didn't over fill it. Changed the top end (because it needed it anyways). It was still blowing oil out.

Well when I actually raced it I found that it was blowing oil out of ignition cover and it could have been comming out of the countershaft also. I replaced the O-Ring on the counter-shaft and used some permatex gasket goop to be able to ride untill my new ignition gasket came in.

My problem is after I fixed both of those it stopped completely. No breather hose oil. not a drip came out of any part of that bike. Was the ignition cover gasket, being blown, allowing air into the system and pressurizing the case pushing oil out of the overflow? Didnt know if that was possible...

also can i and should i use that permatex gasket maker stuff with the new gasket? will it hurt anything?

-Ray #472

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