DR650R 1991 engine noise


I have problem with my 1991 Suzuki DR650R. There is a noise comming from left bottom side of an engine (seems so). It sounds like loosed chain. I tried tighting balancer and timing chains, but it doesn't helped. Still it seams that a noise comes from balancer chain. Before removing it and checking roller bearings I want to hear your oppinion. Did someone else have similar problem?



I had the same trouble when I bought my 90 DR650S in April 2005. I did the adjustment on the balance tensioner and it still makes the same noise, only about 90% less than prior. My bike is the Canadian version and has a large bash plate on the undercarriage.

I think that the noise was being amplified by the plate and still is.

I was wondering if the Cam chain had issues, but that seems okay as well.

I have no further info on the racket you are hearing.


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