How do you know if a 4 stroke is too lean? Too rich?

If you run through the power real quick,power shoots right through the revs, VERY THIN power wise. This is a sign of running lean. Running rich it will start to pull and then hit a wall,power will be very dullish and you will get a slight skip,listen very carefully. These symptons are for low mid -top.

one definite sign of Too lean is if you hear popping sound under deceleration, and if too rich it will just go flat as you accelerate, almost like bogging out. Too lean will cause a similiar condition as you will have no pull when accelerating into upper rpm range

put a new plug find a nice stretch.zip it to 4 and gun it for 30 40 sec. kill it with the clutch in.pull the plug.what colour is the porcelin.white to lean.brown to rich.find the sweet off white .and there you got the best jetting, for your z........chio ride sice safe........

Jetting with a sparkplug is useless,you will be chasing your tail all day!

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