Loose mixture screw


Just put my extended mixture screw in my 650 and it's kind of loose. Any ideas on how to snug it just a little? I have it wired so it won't fall out completely. I've considered packing something up into it, but don't want to clog the threads permanently. Thanks, Dale

If it was me, I'd try teflon plumbers tape 1st.

That would be ideal..Don't think that's too thick though?

Did you use the stock spring?

Yup, stock spring. Maybe it won't spin on it's own with that pushing on it. dunno-

Maybe a dab of the blue...not familiar with how that sets when dry, will have to check. Have to hijack my own thread for a second, but how do you like that CRD pipe Stopi. Thanks, Dale

Have to hijack my own thread for a second, but how do you like that CRD pipe Stopi. Thanks, Dale

Its a well constructed and very light exhaust system, (straight throu, no real restrictions)

althou its abit on the metalic tin sounding side now (probably cause ive neglected the wadding/packing in the silencer for awhile now)

But yeah, i do like it, it Rox, and when i open it full on it wakes the DeAd!!! (god my neighbours must hate me) But i love the DR650, so thats us even..


Be safe ..

Same thing happened to me. It turned out to be the o-ring was stuck in the chamber. Make sure you have all of the o-rings, washers etc (can't remember how many there are, but it's in the service man diagram) in the correct order with the spring, and it should go straight in snugly. It should definitely not be loose/wobbly if seated correctly. Good luck!

First thing that goes in is the o-ring, then a washer, then the spring and then the screw. I put it all on the screw and then put a small amount of 3in1 oil on the threads before installing. I think if it's in that order it shouldn't be loose. The threads are VERY fine, check carefully to make sure they didn't get stripped. Good luck.

Hi fendermon,

You could give some threadlock a try (the blue or red stuff)


Hope this helps you..

Don't use Locktite, especially the red Locktite. The mixture screw is just brass (at least on most carbs it is) & if you use a thread locking agent the mixture screw could break off before the locking agent releases. Red Locktite is the high strength thread locking agent that requires heat to break the nut or bolt loose in many cases. You don't want to have to use heat on your carb to get the mixture screw to turn.


Good stuff guys...much appreciated.

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