Lake Elizabeth riding?

My roommate and I are going to be staying at a friend's house in Lake Elizabeth area this weekend and were going to bring our bikes. Both bikes are plated and we're curious if there were any good rides in that area. We're mainly interested in trails although we ride desert most of the time,(we're coming from San Diego).

Any help would be appreciated, good ridge routes are kind of what we're looking for.


from lake elizibeth i believe you are about 15 minutes from gorman (youll have to map quest it, i dont know any of the street names off hand) the riding there is pretty good...just do yourself a favor and go during the week

I kind of wanted to stay away from that place, it gets very crowded and the rangers aren't the friendliest. I was hoping there was something in the area, like in the Angeles national forest there. They are DS bikes so I'm not worried about green sticker areas.


i rode the santa clara divide road about 3 weeks ago, not very technical but the scenery is to die for. it goes from sand canyon (canyon country) all the way to acton (antelope valley) and it branches off at one point before you descend to acton. ive never taken it so im not sure where it goes. its a decent ride and its only about 20 mins from where you'll be. it wont blow your mind, but itll get you out riding.

if you are interested i could give you some rough directions

If you want to do dirt roads, there is some riding that you can do starting in Lake Hughes. It's south of the road starting at the gas station/store there. If you want trails, and don't want to see the Gorman traffic jam :thumbsup: there are some trails south of there. The fastest drive would be Drinkwater Flats, but the road, San Francisquito cyn, will be closed for the next 2 weeks for bridge construction just before the parking area.

Next is off of Bouquet cyn, which is open. Two ways to get there. Take San Francisquito to Green valley, turn left on Spunky cyn. It ends at Bouquet cyn. Turn right. About 3 (4?) miles after you leave the lake there is a dirt road to the right, and about 100 yards after that a single track on the left. On the weekend there are usually several trucks there. If anyone is there ask about the trails. Both ways have riding, but the single track is more fun. If you take the single track, make a left when you get to the top of the ridge, and head to the top of the mountain. If you hang at the top, you should be able to ask other riders where to go as well. The Rowher riding area in on the otherside of the hill and it has several trails in it.

I might be riding there on Sunday.

Juniordog, that Santa Clara divide sounds like a nice ride for a Friday afternoon, I won't be up there til about noon on Friday. I think I might try out the Rowher Flats trails on Saturday when I have the whole day to explore. Can you tell me how to get to it and what the round trip mileage is, I've got about a 65 mile range on the tank.

Thanks for the help guys.

to save me a lot of babbling, do you know how to get to the i-5 from where you are?

the trip length: from the gas station off the highway till the next gas station after the ride is probly about 50-75 miles (i have a YZ so i dont have a mile ticker)...when i rode there i drove the truck up the first 10-15 miles..rode till just before the descent to acton with my buddy who has a WR and i turned back for a total of about 30 miles. so the actual divide road is probly 45-60 miles long...if you have a way to bring an extra gallon of gas, i would. (the 30 mile section i rode on my guzzling 450 i think i only used about .8 gallons, its pretty slow terrain) if you were gonna do it after this weekend i would be able to clock the trip for you exactly....sry i cant be more specific on the mileage....santaclara4pm.jpg

thats a map, the red line is the divide road, the red dots are where youll be able to fuel up.

Thanks, I'll be doing this ride before I go up to my buddies place, so I'll be coming up the 5 north. I know where Sand Canyon is off the 14 if that helps? Is this ride mostly dirt or is it a paved road? Where does the ride normally start?

Thanks Rick

exit the 14 at sand canyon, make a right and go down into sand canyon. (gas up off the freeway) go down into sand canyon and keep going straight for quite a while itll eventually turn into a canyon road. youll be on the canyon road for approx 5 miles (not including the time you were in san canyon) and youll see a sign that says "santa clara divide road" the turn off is on the left. (if you get to a large cement turn out and ranger station, you went too far, turn around from there and the divide road starts about 75 yards from there and youd be retarded to miss it at this poiint). once you are on santa clara its pretty self explanitory 95% of the first leg is cement. youll get to a fork after a ways. left side is asphalt and takes you up by some cellphone towers, theres some good views from up there if you have the time. take the right dirt fork (also pretty self explanitory) the next leg will be off and on asphalt and dirt. keep going straight, there will be other trails branching off of this one if you are feeling adventurous. youll eventually get to a ranger station. from there on itll be all dirt. after some good distance youll come to a larger fork, one path to the left, one to the right, take the left fork (northern facing) to begin heading towards acton..its all dirt here too. this will take you all the way to acton without branching to any major trails. youll come to aliso canyon road after the trail is all done with, go left on aliso and follow that to soledad canyon rd, make a right onto soledad, then a left onto santiago cnyn rd, this will take you to the 14 freeway, get onto the 14 south, the next exit (crown valley rd exit) is where youll be able to gas up for home.

let me know if any of that novel i just wrote didnt make any sense, i dont want you coming on here saturday morning cussing me out saying i sent you the wrong way lol :thumbsup:





The Snow is Bean cyn which we ride to from my friends ranch, which is over the hill of lake Elizabeth! Never seen any rangers out there!

This is right over the hill of Lake Elizabeth! Forget the name of the road that takes you over the hill?? It's by the Golf course!

damn thats freakin sweet, im gonna have to check that one out myself. can you drive to that place? how do you get there?

Juniordog, thanks man. That was a very detailed explanation, I should be able to navagate my way around with that. I'm just wondering if I can make it from the turnoff to the gas station in Acton without running out of fuel. I'm guessing I get about 65 miles to a tank of gas.

That lake elizabeth open riding looks sick, might have to check that out on Saturday morning....

Is there any area down by the turnoff where I can park my truck without worrying about somebody f'ing with it while we're gone?

when i went i parked by the cellphone towers and it was fine, unfortunatly there is always a chance of some loser deciding to be a funny guy. it would also be kind of a pain to go back for it if you plan to go all the way to acton. you could park by the ranger station at the beginning of the divide road....but that would only save you 10 miles at best.

if you have two trucks, you could park one on either side of the divide, leave one truck at sand canyon ranger station, leave another at a neighborhood on aliso canyon. unload in sand canyon, ride to aliso, and pick-up the sand canyon truck on the way home off the 14...thatd save you a combined 20-25ish miles, if you care wasting extra truck gas and time.....just an idea...

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