Help needed... is this store reiliable?

I am not familiar with them, but the tt store ships internationally. If there is anything from a Canadian manufacturer (hindle, kimpex) or store (motovan, royal distributing, tucker rocky...) that I can help you with, please pm me.

I have ordered from them, paid with PayPal and the goods arrived in the UK within the week.

I have also ordered from the TT store, I have had problems with them, and have had an order not arrive, because it was wrongly addressed, but they did, much to their credit sort all the problems.

But they have never been that quick to the UK.

But remember that TT will price match.

Neil. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

TT = PRICE MATCHING :thumbsup:

kk, i guess its time to support TT :thumbsup:

Neil, do you remember shipping rates for europe? What did you pay?

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