coolant weep ?

So the first start of the day on my 2000 wr400 I get a little coolant weep from the bottom of the water pump. After about 1 min it goes away and is all fine. It looks like it is coming from a weep hole on the bottom of the pump. Just wondering if any one could shed some light as to what may be the cause. There is no coolant in the oil. As I would like a bit of a heads up as to what I might need to order parts wise so I can fix it right away. I don't have the luxury of waiting on parts as I'm using it for ice racing at the moment. Like I say it is a few drips and then stops when the bike is warm and doesn't do it again until the next day's start. thanks for any help on this.

That weep hole is in a "dead space" that separates the water side from the oil side. There is a seal behind the impellar shaft and then another seal behind that. If it is antifreeze then you likely have a failing water side seal. No big deal, just get a new seal, drain the water, pull water pump cover, pull the impellar, pull the old seal and install new seal. Back together in the same order. Just make sure that you inspect the impellar shaft for pitting or anything that may be effecting the seal. You may get a little leaking after the first start up with the new seal while it seats, just get the engine good and warm and then let it cool completely and it should be fine. Hope this helps.


Thank's for your help. I'll give it a try.

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