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This may be a total noob question, but I don't know the answer-

Why dont they use the thumb throttle like on quads on our bikes? I thought they went with those on the quads and watercraft 'cause they a supposed to be safer, would'nt the same apply to a bike?

takes a little practice, but ultimately you can get more precise control with the twist throttle for shure :thumbsup:

So instead of armpump you get thumbpump, is that right???

Why do all the fast quad riders I know change them to twist throttles???

in my situation, my thumb cramps up long before my forearm. i even put a twist throttle on my 85' 250R ATC :thumbsup:

I hate thumb throttles on anything :thumbsup: ... imagine trying to stand and using a thumb throttle :thumbsup: no thanks!

I believe you have better throttle control with a twister. Utility ATV's are OK, but as soon as you srart to ride with any aggression that thumb throttle can bite you.......

ok, I see. puckhead makes a good point.

Thumb throttle sucks! If I had my way I would have twist on everything I owned including my sled. I just got back from the U.P after 3 days of sledding and damn is my thumb and wrist sore from that throttle. It may be a toss up losing the hand warmers but all I could think about was getting back home and finding a way to get a twist throttle on my sled. My Kodiak does the same thing to me no matter how much I ride it. It's time to make the switch for sure.

my bike has hand warmers and a twist throttle. My sled will have a twisty when I get around to it. I stand all the time on my sled and dont mind it but the twisty is much better.

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