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Hatfield McCoy Sat and Sunday Anyone?

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Hey everyone,

I am coming down to HM this Friday and will be staying right out side of Gilbert at Promise Rock. We will be staying till tuesday and plan on doing lots of riding. Anyway, I wouldn't mind meeting up woth some people that really know the area well and can show us where all of the very difficult trails are. I know there are maps for singletrack for the area, but its seems like there should be a lot more in between. We are all about amature level woods riders in Netra, although not all of us race.

Also I was wondering if there is any nearby MX tracks that we could travel a rather short distance to one of the days that we are down there. Not really a huge priority but it would be nice to ride a track one day on our vacation.We would like to meet some people down there that know how and where to ride.

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