Good norcal place to ride this coming weekend (with the conditions we have currently)

I've got some buddies that want to do a camping/riding trip this weekend (Fri-Sun). They were thinking Pipi, but I'm guessing snow and rain will be an issue. Then they were thinking Clear Creek, but rain will be an issue there most likely.

Other options:

Stonyford (snow and rain could be issues)

Downieville (non of us have been, but it seems good, but may have snow or slop issues)




I know it is near Reno, but I can't find any detailed directions on how to get there. Got a link for me?

No there is no real website for it.

But I-80 East From Cali to Pyramid Hwy (Hwy 445) then north 20 miles to winemucca ranch road.turn left(north-west) and then proceed about 3-4 miles to the Hungry Valley OHV area sign, turn left, Follow to the Rocks, park and enjoy.

yeah weather forecast in NorCal now looks wet for next 10 days.......Moonrocks is the call again for this weekend..........I'll be in Chainsaw class both Sat/sun at GT ranger station.

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