private tracks

anybody have pics of their private tracks for the rest of us to get jealous over


that looks awsome!

xtreme165, where are you in PA? I live about 15 minutes from High Voltage.

yea i wouldnt mind going there either

you can email me directions if you want



i think i can find it now


Private for me when I want them to be.hehelol :thumbsup:

Although everyone gets to ride them more than me as I'm usually to busy to think about riding these past 2 yrs.

hey dude where do you live at?

i ride at switchback all the time...and pretty soon i'm riding up high voltage.i heard they have like a 110ft. double? :thumbsup:

There are some big ones, I left there in an ambulance once. :thumbsup:




Man I want to ride so bad right now! looking at all these tracks is making me go crazy!

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