crf150 jet types

i have a 06 crf150 and its a pain to start. i know i need to rejet. i am wondering if you can tell me who makes the jets and what sizes would work best. i ride around 2000ft. i know how to pull the carb and what not im just having a hard tiem finding these jets. thanks


42pilot 115 main stock needle in the 4th clip worked great for me. Found them on the shelf at Carmichael Honda 916-944-1318

just go to your local honda dealer

just go to your local honda dealer

that doesnt help me, i want to learn what type and who makes them

what brand of jets?

what brand of jets?
Same brand as the carb :thumbsup:

which is what

just go buy em put them in and ride, its a kehin carb or however you spell it.

does not matter what brand they are going to be, you are not going to get a new sticker for your bike out of it. :thumbsup:

i didnt want a carb sticker i wanted to know what brand carb so i new what jets to by, a 42 doesnt mean jack if i dont know the brand. thanks for the help


I did not mention the brand of my carb to get the parts, the dealers computer has all that in it.

The manufacture is Keihin. The carb model is PD. You need keihin “small Hex” jets. These are 16.5 mm in length but anyone who knows these “should” know what size a small hex is.

Thank you Sarge

There are two different jets in your carb a pilot or slow speed jet, that one is usually indicated by a double digit # such as 45. The main jet is the larger of the two an is identified bya three digit# i.e. 135. The carburators that Honda uses are Kehein, the jets usually have hex shaped heads (kehein specific). To change the jets - it usually entails removal of the carb from the bike and the removal of the float bowl located on the bottom of the carb and held in place by 4 screws.

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