Transmission Drain Bolt

I have a 06 CRF 450 and I was wondering if anybody else had trouble with stripping the threads on the trans drain bolt.

Its only my second trans fluid change and I already had to replace it. It could be that it was too tight but I have heard others have had this problem too.

Be thankful you only have a stripped bolt. Most guys strip the threads in the case.

i have an 05 but i've never had a problem with it. Except for the drain bolts, i always use thread locker and then just use the feel method and maby go just a little on the light side since the thread locker will keep it from coming loose. Has worked great and i haven't stripped a bolt on any of my bikes or toys. just my .02

What kind of thread locker do you use?

i use the blue kind..don't know the name of it but you can get it at any hardware store..i got mine at farm and fleet. It holds great but you don't need heat to get the bolts out. when your taking a bolt out that you used thread locker on there is a very stiff drag on won't even come close to stripping anything and once you have it out you just clean the threads on the bolt and i usually use a little carb cleaner and the air gun to try and clean up the other threads on teh bike..then your good to go. :thumbsup:

No loc-tite needed on the oil drain bolts. Just torque them to 10ft/lbs or go by feel.

With the oil that's in the threads you'd be wasting your time anyway.

yeah like I said before, except for the drain bolts...Also some thread lockers will work with oil residue because they harder due due the lack of oxygen..but that might be the type you need to heat in order to get off..either way it don't matter...well igtg to class

yeah like I said before, except for the drain bolts...

...well igtg to class

Well, the way you worded your post it sounded like you use it for the drain bolts.

Except for the drain bolts, i always use thread locker and...
sorry for the confusion...i'm def. not the best sentence writer or speller on TT. I'll try and do better next time. :thumbsup:

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