IRC tires

I need a new rear tire for my xr 250. I was originally thinking maxxis IT, but the IRC VE line looks interesting. The VE40 is pretty thick and tough but I am wondering if it is too heavy for my xr even as a 110-100-18. Anyone have experience with any of the VEs or have any suggestions for good rear tires. I ride in the woods mainly and see intermediate to hard soil with rocks and lots of logs.

A 110/100 is too big for a stock XR250 period. Stick with a 100/100. The IT isnt a bad tire, I really liked the Kenda Carlsbad too. Havent used an IRC in years though.

i have a 120/100 on my 250 and it works just fine.

I ride mostly woods too but a little more muddy than it sounds like where you're at. I have the Maxxis IT rear and love it, it's my second one. I also have the VE soft to IT up front (can't remember the number right now) and it's works great. really digs and gets great traction. I think your good either way.

I would stick with stock though. I tried 1 size bigger on my 400 and I didn't like it and went back to stock.

Before 1996, the XR250R came stock with a 110/100 X 18 VE-33. They went with a 100/100 in 1996 to save weight and reduce cost. I used to run nothing but a VE-33. It is a very, very heavy duty six ply tire - I only switched to a different tire when the michelin s-11 (now ms-12) hit the market. In this tire I run a 130/80 X 18 (which is the same width as the 110 size IRC).

It is extremely long wearing tire and I like running one in the summer here - it doesn't hook up well on hard pack or slimey clay, where the Michelin blows it away. Rocky Mountain MC has great prices on the ve-33 - like less than $40 - that is less than I paid for them 15 years ago...


i've been running the ve33 for years. i highly recommend it. it is a long wearing tire and great in varied terrain.

i run irc volcenduros on my 426 i got like 600 really hard miles on mine right now and it still has a few hundred left on it plus if u order them from there prety cheap

i am a cheap skate. and i love a good tire. the VE33 are tops on my list. i think you should try it.

I use the VE33 exclusively on all of my motorcycles. They have very tall knobbies and last longer than any Dunlop.

I'd put a fresh IRC VE-33 on my CR500 just before a desert race. I'd race with it. I'd then practice on it for about 500 miles, then install a fresh VE-33 before the next race.

The 'worn' VE-33's end up on my dual sport bikes. They receive an additional 3000+ miles of dirt and street before they are tossed in the garbage. They are not DOT tires, but it has NEVER been an issue when I've been pulled over.

I really like the Kenda Millville K771 on the front and rear great traction and long life. I run a 110/100-18 on the rear of my 250. Its a directional tire (one way for soft and the other direction for intermediate terrian) I run mine in the soft direction. I can get an entire enduro season out of a set. Nelson

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