XR 200 R modifications

I have a 2002 Xr 200 r. I am looking for an exhaust system. Supertrapp seems to make the the least expenseive one. Is in any good? I'm also looking

for a new air filter, what brand is best? My suspension is junk, how can I improve it or is there new suspension I can buy?

K&N filter, not much you can do for the suspension unless you have the $$$ for a conversion.

i imght recommend removing that stupid snorkel thats on top of the airbox, makes it have more pep to it. i just run 12 pounds in each fork and have my back shock all the way up. not much you can do to suspension without big $$$ like he said. a K&N yes, and id like the see links to aftermarket exhausts because im lookin into one myself.

Hahaha are you kidding??? I made my suspension 10 times better for only $40! Check my garage...do a search...there's lots you can do.

Quick Draw is right. I did the same thing as him for $30 or $40 once I get around to selling my original suspension. The ride is night and day compared to the original suspension. I have some recent pictures, because I just sold my xr200 :thumbsup:, but I sold it to get an xr400 :thumbsup:.





http://geocities.com/kalebarellano/leftengine.jpg (notice the nitrogen resivor mount)


Also check out my garage.

I definatly recommend this suspension mod.

I also had a supertrapp exhaust and oversize header, they both worked great, and I think the exhaust itself is only like $50 new from supertrapp. Although its not the most pretty, it gets the job done. Plus I had a K&N and it was great too. Check out my garage.


I would strongly suggest you do a search on K&N filters and get more complete info! There's been some good feedback on them in previous discussions. :thumbsup: I think of them to filters as McDonald's is to hamburgers ............ worst product, with best advertising! You can sell anything with good advertising even if it's poor quality! :thumbsup: Be careful, do your research.............this is the internet!

Old School Al

Look through previous posts. I did it and there are a lot of things you can do to improve the bike. Your best bet is to improve the suspension. The below items are all simple bolt ons that I have done and I'm no mechanic. Buy an owners manual and follow it and you should have no problems.

Engine mods include:

removing the snorkel, adding a uni-filter, aftermarket pipe, rejetting. I have an FMF and it cost around 225. This mod improved the the bike tremendously.

Suspension Mods:

replace front forks, rear shock and kickstand with pre 1992. They have more travel and the rear shock has an adjustable nitrogen. You need the longer kickstand or the bike will fall over.

You need the longer kickstand or the bike will fall over.

Not neccesarily. I still have the stock stand and it just leans over more than it used to. I don't really mind because now I don't have to dig a little hole so that my bike will actually stay up on uneven surfaces.

yea the suspension is a great upgrade just get it from 84-91 no earlier no later. some people may say82-91 but i put full 82 suspension on my bike and the rear shock was the same hieght as my 02 shock. so be careful. i prefer twin air because they have a backfire layer which will help protect it from chatching on fire in the event of a back fire. also if you get a twinair you can remove the screen in the frame that holds the filter the screen is there to help prevent the filter from chatching on fire which is what the twin air does so with that done and removing the snorkel that allows a hugh amount of air to be sucked in. so all youll need after that is a good pipe and to rejet it. there a couple of cheap and effective mods

Don't waste your money on the FMF PowerCore 4, I didn't notice any increase in power, the quality control was horrible and it was much louder. And yes, I've done all the suspension, intact, etc. mods. I stayed away from the SuperTrapp as I've had those in the past and they were also too loud. They do seem to add a small amount of power due to the conical design, which the PowerCore is not.

Im thinking about doing this suspension mod to my bike. Is it a hard mod for a 14 year old and does any body know where i can get the fork springs and the rear shock and these are 84-91 years and they seam like they are old and they would break is this true? sorry for so many questions im 14 and just trying to learn

I am 15. I put my suspension on when I was 13, almost 14. It's no biggie. If you can loosen several bolts, pull crap out, grease bearings, then stuff crap back in, then you're fine. The most complicated thing I had to do in the whole operation was hacksaw some spacers for my rear shock that were about a quarter inch too wide.

The old suspension is awesome. 20+ years ago, the XR200R used to have some of the latest racing technology on it. Now it's kind of obsolete, but the parts still work great for most riding. Look on Ebay. Every few weeks there is a different 200 parting out. If you find suspension stuff that looks decent from the picture, then probably the worst case scenario is that you have to get them rebuilt. That may be a big pain in the ass, but its a risk you take with any auction on Ebay. Chances are, you should be able to just do a straight up bolt on without any major problems.

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