MX vs. Atv Unleashed for PSP released!

They ported this awesome game to PSP and it was released today! I am going to pick it up right now, and will be back with a review. :thumbsup:

Can't wait to hear your review. Hopefully it's a good one. :thumbsup:

me too

They ported this awesome game to PSP and it was released today! I am going to pick it up right now, and will be back with a review. :thumbsup:

I thought they came out with a new game period. Isnt it called MX vs ATV on the edge?

i didn't think it was out yet

Well to answer the question of whether this is a new game, it is not. They added a few new tracks, 5 I think, but overall it is the same game.

If it matters to you, this game has to be updated to firmware version 2.5 in order to play the game fully, if you have a firmware lower than that and want to keep it that firmware (like me) it will only currently work without sound. This is not the games fault, it just requires an update, that is included with the disk, in order to run the game.

The Review

Note: Please keep in mind that I am playing on a firmware 2.0 PSP, with the firmware tricked into believing it is 2.5 to allow me to play the game. The game has no sound this way.

MX vs ATV Unleashed: On The Edge does a lot of things well, it blows the previous offroad PSP game (ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails) out of the water. But as I said this is no new game, it has all the same tracks as the console versions.


You can race against 3 other riders, that are either computer controlled or against 3 others that have the game and a PSP, whenever that will happen. There is no online, but it's a portable game right? There is no Championship mode, so don't plan on doing a Supercross or National Championship, it's not there. Other than that, same game as MX vs ATV on console.


Unfortunately the game doesn't feel the same, the animations don't look the same. The rider on the bike doesn't react to the environment, things like the body getting compressed with the impact of landing off a jump, or head bobbing when going over bumping terrain don't look as real. Your rider doesn't seem to lean back or forward as far as in the game, which makes the turning feel twitchy. The physics in the air feel pretty close to the console version, but on the ground it feels off.

Loading Time

One thing that I despise with this game is the loading time! I thought it was bad in the console version but wow, your have to wait forever to load a track. You have to load the loading screen, while picking a bike you have to load each bike individually sometimes waiting 10-15 seconds for it to load. The riding gear selection is the same way. Once you are racing there is no loading, so there are no problems regarding gameplay with the slow loading of this game. You can freeride a whole bunch and not have to worry about have to wait for a loading screen. When you go back to the menu or select a new track or launch a new track leave aside a good minute for this, you will need it.

In conclusion, if you want MX vs ATV on the go, then this gives it to you, only slightly worse. But for me, the portability more than makes up for the annoying load times and weird physics.

This game gets: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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