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How to build your own practice course?

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I have just completed my first race (hare scrambles) in 18 years. I was in my 20's when I gave it up before. I did "ok" and had a great time. My problem is this: while I do own a few acres to ride on, it has long since been mostly cleared. I mean, it has no tree's, no obstacles, nothing of any interest to practice on! My hare scrambles (Missouri - Elk Creek) Sunday was very tight, where 29" bars still hit 4" in! Very rocky, and very fun. The nearest riding area is over an hour away, and is more suited to quads than anything else. Have any of you built small courses to practice on? I'm thinking Endurocross, but not as hairy as those guys do! I thought about using PVC pipe for "trees", placing poles on the ground for "log jumps", etc. Obviously bringing in a loader and moving a few hundred yards of dirt would be great, but not in the budget, right now. Any ideas? I'm rusty, but want to get better!

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