DRZ 400E Jetting

I have a 2001 drz 400E with a FMF core 4 slipon and a dyno jet kit. I mostly ride in altitudes of 1500-2200 feet. Could you please tell me where I should set all of the settings? Also, should I do the 3 X 3 cutting that everyone is talking about? (what does this actually consists of) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


your bike already has the 3x3 hole.just remove the snorkel.

have you already installe dthe dynojet kit?its not the best choice for the E.

What kit should I get if the dyno jet kit isn`t the right choice? Yes i already installed it but I want this to be right. Thank you.

jd kit.the dynojet need has way to much taper.

I am going to buy the JD kit. Could you please tell me where the settings need to be. Thanks.


165 main jet,blue needle clip 3,2 turns fuel screw.

Thank you so much!

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