It's been a while - just wanted to say hey

Just wanted to say hello. It has been a while since I was here in the DRZ forum...I used to spend a lot of time here.

Still got the DRZ and she is as great as ever. Got some new colors and look lately...but thats about it - I love the flat black look


hello!! welcome back. i like the bike!!

The bike is looking good. That tank graphic sure splits the black up nicely.

Yeah - I liked that.

I still dont have any decals at all on it....been wondering if I should put anything on it at all :thumbsup:

I have finally modded the DRZ to where I really like it (other than different forks maybe...)

I bet some rear fender graphics would be pretty sick...some white and red sponsor colors. Would really set it off, as well as a good front fender decal. Simple, yet effective. Oh, definitely do some fork graphics.

Check out Swatdocs bike...he's got all the good looking graphics. :thumbsup:

Sweet - I will check it out. And thanks for the white/red color tip - I think that will look great :thumbsup:

Nice looking bike! I like what you done with the black. Did you buy the tank black, or did you paint your old one?

Stock S tank on it - painted the tank and also painted all the plastics with Krylon Fusion flat black plastic paint

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