Any supermoto clubs in Boise, Id ?

Hello, I am fairly new to the supermoto seen and was wondering if there is any clubs in the area. I don't race and use my bike to commute to and from work, but would still like to find some people to hit the roads with on the weekend. :thumbsup:

You could come down to Utah and ride with me...I'm making a motard as we speak. Originally I'm from Twin Falls. Actually heading there this weekend.

Hey man, it is great to see that there is another SM rider in Idaho! I am currently working on putting together a group called Supermoto Idaho. It is still in the works and pretty small but it is a start. I think by this summer we should have close to 10 riders. We have a free track day coming up on March 19th. And we are always looking for people to ride with. Let me know when you want to ride. Are you in Boise?

I live in Kalispell Montana and ride at a private track in Missoula called the Nature Trail. Its a private all paved track and the owner Rex is very nice. Theres no charge to ride. Im putting together some track days there and in Spokane, so send me an email so I can contact you with dates and times. Im also interested in your track days in Boise, wasnt there a supermoto race there a couple years ago? Larry


KTM 450 smr

Its a private all paved track and the owner Rex is very nice. Theres no charge to ride.

OMG!!!! Larry, you know how much I miss living in MT and then you post this up "private track..... no charge" The wife is sure going to be surprised when the SMR gets loaded into the truck for our summer vacation.

I appreciate all the feedback and I am from the Boise area! My bike is just a Suzuki DRZ400SM if my name didn't give it away. All that I have done is just a Yoshi trs titanium full system and a k&n filter, got some plans but I need to get the money first.

Yo dude, you should put some Distanzias on that thing and then let's go do some riding! I'm in SLC but visiting Twin Falls this weekend. I don't have my bike on me but in a month it should be done, the weather should be good and we can do some riding through the hills and dirtroads in souther and central Idaho.Maybe a weekend camping/bike trip?

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