TE610 skidplate

Just got the Utah Sport Cycle skidplate and bolted it up to my 2006 TE 610, fits and looks nice. Has some space at the right side lower front tube as these are not symmetrical left to right, but looks like it fits as it should. Will drill new second drain hole for the bigger plug when I take it apart for the next oil change.

Mounted mine today from Utah Sport cycle, Drilled new 45mm hole for second drain plug and made new mounting holes for front down tubes,the front bottom holes only 1 hole lined up, plus now the bolts won't get all smashed up.

pic here




Do those new mounting holes make it easier to install? Mine was a pain to get hooked up by myself. Would you mind giving the dimensions on the plate where you drilled? I was going to remove mine at the next oil change and add the drain hole but I think I would like to reposition those mounts as well, good idea. Thanks, Jim.


I have a 2006 TE610 and the rear shock is a Sachs, yours has an Ohlins?

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