K-BAR-M pig roast Sat 3/4

K-BAR-M is having a pig roast on Saturday 3/4. It is to celebrate being open for a year. From the pictures it looks like they have built a motocross track, and it talks about a new mud pit for the ATV’s, maybe that will help keep them off of the trails.




How do you like the place for trail ridding?

Anybody ride here? What's it like?

Checked it out Saturday and it was fun. It is much more quad oriented than bike. They have 50 miles of trails, but they are not very easy to navigate, its like every time someone makes a shortcut trail they stick a number on it. It would take a long time to discover all of the different combinations. Most of the trails are 2 way and fairly wide, but they did have some 1 way trails and some interesting climbs. The most difficult obstacle was the numerous creek crossings with horrible quad ruts leading out. The ruts were so bad that you had to find alternate lines on some flat, straight trails.

The motocross track wasn’t much to write home about. It was tight and jump filled. The pictures on the web site make it look much longer. They have 2 mud bog pits by the parking lot if that is your thing.

It was a good ride and I would go back.



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