I goofed again!

:bonk: Crashing @ Mammoth Bar last weekend. I landed in a Poison Oak bush. I couldn't tell it was poison since all the leaves were off. Just bare twigs.

Well................it's all over my arm. On the back of my neck. I'm miserable. :bonk:

Tore my KTM down last night. Found broken items I didn't even know were problems. :thumbsup:

Not to worry gang! I'll be ready to kick some @ss come the Wild Piglet Enduro. :bonk::eek::eek:

I Love DirtBiking! :thumbsup:

Apparently you can get the oils even from a dead plant for up to 3 years. :thumbsup:

Sucks to hear, oak is no fun. Caladryl and a cortisone lotion are your friends.

Is your son going to be done with wrestling by the time the Piglet comes around?

has anyone received their piglet stuff yet?

:bonk: If he wins..........it's on the State Finals :bonk: I have no idea when that is.

But realistically, this is his 1st year wrestling. He's 1 of 5 kids on the team going to Regional Finals this weekend. These kids are scary! Some of these kids have been wrestling for 4 years already.

There was one 7th grader last week that was already shaving. They have a 230 lb. class of kids in 8th grade that I wouldn't want to compete in. :bonk:

He's done better already than I ever could have expected.

I don't see a conflict, but we'll cross that bridge. :thumbsup:

I've never flaked before! :thumbsup:

has anyone received their piglet stuff yet?

You haven't received your paperwork yet ???????? You must be out of the loop !!! :thumbsup:

dp :thumbsup:

no worries Mr. 53, we'll be up front as usual.

has anyone received their piglet stuff yet?

I haven't gotten anything either, unless its in today's mail. :thumbsup:


I didn't Flake! That was Mr. Gucci Weatherman's fault. You can't expect me to ride in the rain. :thumbsup:

Now I'm covered all over with Poison Oak with a broken bike and I still want to ride. Don't I get any props for that? Throw me a vine! Give a brotha a break! :thumbsup:

Had you gone to stony, you wouldn't have poison oak.


Now I'm covered all over with Poison Oak with a broken bike and I still want to ride. Don't I get any props for that? Throw me a vine! Give a brotha a break! :thumbsup:

Go to longs drug and get some Technu it will help the poison oak go away fast!

As far as fixing your bike, the Mega loto is 256,000,000, that should about cover the price of parts if you are fixing the KTM.

Hope to see you fellow TTr's at the wild piglet.

Use butter on that poison oak.Dont forget to scratch it real hard till it bleeds.That makes it go away real fast like.Are you sure its poison oak and not some kinda bug infesting your skin.mmmm bugs.superslykobugs thats what it is.

it reminds me of my bro last year at hollister(boonie crashing :thumbsup: )he got it so bad he had to get a steroid shot in his butt at the hospital :thumbsup::bonk: i heard that soaking like a towel in like really fatty milk and then leaving it on your skin helps a lot

:bonk: I get it so bad it ain't funny.

When I was a kid, I'd have to soak my eyes in warm water in the morning just to open them.

The puss & oozy scabs would seal them shut. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I like to buy him a wrestling T-shirt from each tournament we attend. He wares them all week to school! Yeah, he's hooked. :bonk:

I live in Kelsey, believe me I know plenty about getting poison oak. This is the only stuff I've found that works as advertised. It is expensive, but well worth it IMHO. www.zanfel.com I believe you can order it online, or if you are anywhere near Pollock Pines you can get it at that Rite Aid.

Good luck

:thumbsup: Thanks guys for all the remedies and advise. :thumbsup:

I've had poison oak my whole life. Used to get it EVERY summer when I was a kid. I've tried every remedy known to man. Let me give you my experience.

When you know that you've touched it, wash that area ASAP. With anything, towelettes, puddle water, gutter, pond, or lake. Failing that, at the 1st sign of infection, put salve on it.

There are plenty of products out there that stop the itching, but only one that KILLS the poison oak at the source. It was given to me by a simple old Mexican woman. It's cheap, and everyone has it already. It's the only thing I've found that works immediately. KILLS it, Stops it from spreading, but also kills your skin. It will destroy the entire area. DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR FACE.

It's Bleach.

Bleach that area. Rub the poison oak clean. But be ready, it burns like hell. It's nasty, it stinks, it will ruin your cloths. But it kills the poison. It took 2 days of applying, but it's now gone. It's dead. :bonk:

Now I just have non-itchy scabs that are healing. I'll take that any day! :bonk:

Slyko was that your KTM I saw parked on the trail with helmet and gear all piled on the seat? My son and I were there the same day.

use zanfel on PO its extracts the oil and viola..no more itching

I've been around it for years (I'm now fairly immune,) but I use it for my kids

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