2 stroke

hey i was wondering if a yz125 is good

search and maybe buy a magazine. seriously...

Dirtrider says its the best stock mx lites bike...

Ya I personally think the YZ125 is a great bike I just got mine in the spring of 2005 and it was the best bike I had so far. I love the bike it is very dependable and I hadn't had a problem with it wet.

Pre 05 I wouldnt go for it. My friend has an 05 YZ125, first year of the aluminum frame, and damn is that thing light. Compared to my 250f its so easy to throw around. When were just messing around its a really fun bike to ride, but if youre planning on racing seriously Id try to get a four stroke. Not saying you cant be competitive on one, its just easier with a fourstroke. If youre interested in racing but dont yet Reads racing is a good series and have fun tracks. www.readsracing.com

hey i was wondering if a yz125 is good

You couldn't handle one bro :thumbsup:

how do u know he cant handle one?

hey i was wondering if a yz125 is good

No offense, but where have you been under a rock?

The YZ125 has been the best 125 since 1996. It is a superb bike and probably one of the finest racing machines ever built.

you gonna take off any sweet jumps?

how do u know he cant handle one?

I know him and I am joking with him. Did you not see me call him "bro?"

Are you gonna get 3 feet of air? Then yeah it's good, gosh.

Eeets a slezjhammer...

Its got shocks...pegs....luuucky!

u gotta ride it in cowboy boots!

05/06 are awesome years for the 125, i have both a 05 yz125 and 05crf250, even tho i prefer the crf more then the yz its still an awesome bike

get "The Sledgehammer" model.... dang Hill Pig beat me to it!

You are looking for more of a rt100.

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