NEED HELP!! Problem with 1997 RT100

My son has a 1997 RT100, new to us and no other details on how it was maintained or stored

Ok here is the problem

Bike starts with 1 or 2 kicks

Its idles fine until choke is pushed in, once choke is in bike will surge then die

Bike will not stay running with choke in even when riding

Carburetor has been cleaned, and adjusted, float set to spec too

Seems to me the bike is lean, it won’t run long enough with me riding it to get any good reading off the plug. When tooling down the road as I up shift to second bike begins to flatten out, if I am quick I can get it to third but at half throttle again it flattens out.

Sounds like a carburetor to me however; a friend thinks it may be the rings or a crankcase seal.

Any thoughts? I am going to do a compression check I assume it should be atleast 100 psi.

Any help will be appreciated.

i used to have a 97 rt 100 uhh just check the idle screw first

check compression. it does sound like your not getting enough fuel though. i would also check the float hieght and set it to the stock hieght if its not already, also check your gas tank and fuel switch to see if they are clogged up.

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