Has any one used the heaver front fork springs from honda, I weight 200 LBS would they be any good for my weight.

Thanks for the info,Rob

From my understanding it depends on what your like, but the Stock springs should be good for your weight...

I sent my forks to Factory Connection last year and they recommended and installed heavier fork springs in my 03. I weigh 204 lbs. If it is correct that these bikes come stock set for a rider between 160 -175 lbs, then it makes sense that heavier springs are needed.

My 05 stock was 46kg,I have 48 kg springs now and like em

I'm about 215 and found that the stiffer springs made a big difference on my 06 450r. It was a classic case of stiffer springs making the suspension more plush, due to the fact that the forks no longer hung down into the stroke. In addition, it alowed me to back off the compression and oil height somewhat because I was no longer compensating for soft springs. You might want to look into picking up the springs from a reputable suspension shop, as I heard somewhere that Honda springs aren't always testing quite the same as what they are marked (I have heard of fork springs being one whole step off in stiffness). Not sure how true this is, but something to look into before plunking down hard earned $$$. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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