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So close, yet so far away... An Eastern Washington experience.

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We made it as far as the Beverly dunes this weekend but Saddle mountain will have to wait for another day.

The cast of characters in order of appearance.

Nicole = My brothers wife = Sister in law = Blaster/KX100

Me = Jake = WR250F

Amy = Jake's Wife = Blaster/KX100

Gabe = Brother = RMX250

Brent = Dad = TT350 = Binford 3000 x-ray machine

Friday was an awesome day at the Moses Lake dunes, great weather, good riding, and a meeting with the County Mounty that was all smiles. There will be a bunch of pictures of me for a change since my brother carried the camera most of the day.

Nicole on the Blaster while I have some fun in the background.


This is the only picture we got of Amy riding. Not sure why.


Ok I had the camera for this one.


Gabe and Nicole waiting for me to quit screwing around.


Jump sequence ala. Jake






Jump sequence ala Gabe.












Gabe learned Saturday morning that you can't dump enough oil in the tank to mix 2-1/2 gallons if there is only enough room to put 1-1/2 gallons of gas in.:lol He had to drain the tank into a can, mix the rest and fill his tank again. :haha


Saturday turned out not quite as good as Friday, the friends we were riding with thought we wanted to go to the Beverly Dunes so we followed them there and figured we could hit the trails from there and find the good riding. After about a half hour of riding I was thoroughly bored, had seen the whole area and found no way to cross the river from the dunes to the trails I could clearly see on the other side.

My brother was ready to go as well but climbed on a friends bike to check it out "real quick". Dad gave chase and they went bombing across the dunes heading east, I had told them not to do this shortly after my 6 foot drop in 4th gear that left me with two jammed wrists. Dad managed to find a 7ft drop into a bowl around a big brush pile, when he hit the bottom the front knifed in the soft sand and he slammed into the bank on the other side shoulder first.

Leaving this...


The offending drop, the pictures never show quite as much as I would like. It was a pretty nasty spot to come upon unexpectedly at speed. You can see the line Gabe took just to the left of the face plant marks. He was standing on the pegs and had a little extra time to correct his line.




At noon on Saturday our riding was done. With the trails we wanted to ride in sight we loaded up and headed for the hospital.

I hate it for Dad, getting hurt at 50+ is not a fun thing and I would gladly trade places with him if possible. He is in good spirits though and looking forward to healing up for our ride to Alaska in June. His biggest concern was that he ruined our weekend of riding. Getting hurt sucks much worse than a missed adventure. Thanks Dad, for everything. :jd


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Looks like fun, hope your dad heals up quick so you can hit the real trails in the desert, they're alot of fun.

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