I couldn't help but notice that some of the opposition bikes are running Del'orto carbies, a closer look at their discusion sites reveal that many,many people are having huge problems trying to get them sorted out.

Are they really just a pig of a carby or is it just that the FCR is so much better?

Has anyone had experience with these carbies on single four strokes?

Just got rid of a Husaberg that had the venturi model, '96. VERY simple, easy to work on, not many variables to sort out. They are aweful for elevation changes, humidity, temp., whatever. You change a variable and you have to tweek. Let's put it this way, most guys that have them long for an FCR. Seems like regardless of the bike, the big "upgrade" in performance is adding an FCR at $500!!

I have to agree. The FCR is the carb everyone wants. Be patient with jetting it for the areas you ride most, it will pay you pack many times over.

Take the cash you would have paid for the carb and buy some other goodies

-416 kit (if you have a 400)


-Better traction-new tires, revalve

-Better ergos (seat foam/bars/clamps/juice clutch))

Just my $.02

agree that the dell o'rto's are a simple carb. i raced them on the road for 10 seasons before moving to the mikuni flat slide.

i just can't agree that this carb is the bee's knee's though. the jetting whether it's yamaha's (and they must take the ultimate blame) or keihins just isn't sorted by the factory.

infact i don't know what the hell they think they're playing at. for a performance machine we deserved the bikes to be spot on. if you read patrick burns paper he does indicate that the carb isn't exactly perfect.


I do think the FCR is awesome for general use/racing. And that's what it was intended for. It's not a wimpy as a Honda CV carb, but yet sounds like it handles elevation changes well and offers flat-slide performanc to boot. If you're jetting for one particular location or event (with a knowledgable mechanic) then a true flatslide simple Mikuni or other might be the way to go, but you change locations, temp or elevation and you're back to square one. After riding a couple of different YZ & WR 426's I cannot imagine needing MORE performance from a carb. But all these bikes are relatively new and came jetted well. I know there are others that are having issues right out of the box though. :)

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