Horn Rapids Hare Scrambles Head Count

Tongue twister.

So, who all is going to hit 60 miles of relentless, unending whoops this weekend at Horn Rapids...? I dont have any idea why Im going to subject myself to the punishment of this race, BUT I think Im gonna.

Whos in? :thumbsup:

Is that this weekend?

I'll keep and eye out for the dust cloud as I'm flying over.

We might go. Is the track open for practice on Sat? Dont they use part of the track for the HS on Sunday?

We might go. Is the track open for practice on Sat? Dont they use part of the track for the HS on Sunday?

I dont think they actually use any of the jumps but they do run through it as I remember. As far as practice on Sat, Im not sure. But Id almost be interested to go down Sat and camp. Beats drivin for two hours at 6 in the AM

Bones, look for the dust out front. Then look a few miles back, that'll be me. Trying to catch Jonah.... :thumbsup:

mx track is open for practice sat, 8am til noon. the whole park is closed at noon for race prep.

No one is up for the A$$ Beater Scramble Horn?? Not really suprised. Its funny, the first time I raced it was seven years ago. It was actually my first "official" race. I rode the sportsman class (2 laps 20 mi total) and with a 10th of 47 riders I did well but vowed to NEVER do it again. Five years later, to the day (Last spring) I got talked into racing it again. Only this time I signed up for expert class. (6 laps 60 mi total) I did well and place 2nd of 7 riders. BUT, after the 2nd lap and the checker said, doing good only 4 more to go. I wanted to die right there.... :thumbsup:

Uhg, why am I going you might ask? Because BrandonW is going to be there and I dont want to hear any of his verbal abuse for not showing up!! Good enough reason? I think so.

I've done this event probably a dozen times.....when I was younger and my legs could handle 60 miles of whoops. The last time I did it was 2001 and crashed really bad--twice. Fortunately I didn't get hurt, but took that as a sign I needed to find some other kind of racing.

There were some really cool parts of the course that we used to ride (before the fire) and back when we could ride the jumps on the mx track. Other than the whoops, the race is pretty easy (technically speaking) and good for young, new racers to give racing a try.

Now that BW had pulled out, I believe Im going to go spend some time at Eddieville... That place rocks, plus GP series starts soon and I need to put in some more time there. :thumbsup:

My dad and I ran the 40 miler ,and im STILL sore! :)

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