Good OHV Commission legislation

Looks like the legislature is finally listening to us !!!!!!!

Go here and check on the following bills: ormation

AB 2337, AB 2784, SB 1681

These are different bills for this year to disolve the OHMVR Commission or put controls on it !!

AB 2784 has the backing of both parties and both houses of legislature !!

As these move forward, WE will have to be more involved than in the past. WE can make it happen.

Keep informed and active

Ride on


CERA...assistant LAO

What do you suggest we do.? How can we help?

What do you suggest we do.? How can we help?

first thing to do is check out the bills, then contact your state legislators. write your senator and assemblyman a coherent polite letter explaining why you think it's important that they support change for the better in ohv management in california.


Thanks for the info. I received a response to one of the letters I wrote from Assemblyman Tim Leslie. He stated that he had a pretty full plate, and I believe he said he will be leaving the Assembly soon, so he couldn't do much to help on these issues. Nice to know that some of our other representatives are doing something though. :thumbsup:

As always, thanks for keeping us up to date. :thumbsup:

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