Help choosing a helmet.

Well my helmet is 5 almost 6 years old now and it has hit the ground a few times not really hard except for the mouth piece. Well one of the bolts holding the visor in fell out and that was the last straw I decided it was time for a new helmet. My current one is an HJC and I have always liked it a lot. Should I go with another HJC or is there a better option out there?

The only thing I really can't decide is if I should go with another dirt bike helmet or a street bike helmet. I like the visor but then again I like the flip down face shield for when it's cold out. I have some friends that use street bike helmets on ATV's and they seem to work fine. Is there any reason I shouldn't go with one for a dirt bike?

Are the Shoei helmets worth the extra money? I have a Shoei street bike helmet thats even older than my HJC and think I like the HJC just as much if not better but I don't know about it from a saftey aspect.

I think I'm going to go to a local store to see what they have as I'd like to get one soon and not sure I want to order it without trying it on and it may take longer than I want. I have a new bike that should be here soon I'd like to ride when it gets here.

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