16t and 17t sprockets?

I need to know where to buy 16-17t CS sprockets for the 'tard

biggest i could get from tucker rocky was 15

i dont even think sprocket specialties has 16 or 17

my next question is will a 17 even fit-do you just ahve to take the chain/case guard off? thanks

I need to know where to buy 16-17t CS sprockets for the 'tard

biggest i could get from tucker rocky was 15

i dont even think sprocket specialties has 16 or 17

my next question is will a 17 even fit-do you just ahve to take the chain/case guard off? thanks

I was going to say, I don't know if you would have room for a 16 t without chain rub. I run a 15 t on mine with a 45 t rear. Good top end speed. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

what gearing would i need to hit 120? This is a supermot btw with a FMF tit. full exhaust- K&N-quicksilver carb-stage 2 hotcam -i need speed -looks like i'll have to shorten the chain

Pretty sure Sprocket Specialists makes a 16.

Sprocket Specialists DOES have a 16T, but no 17T. The 16T part # is 617-16.


I'm running it on my 650R with a 44 rear (~15/41), gearing puts you at about 115mph with a 150/60-17. This gearing will just work with the stock 110 link chain, but the axle will be WAY back. With a 108 link chain, you can go 16/42 (~15/39) with the axle adjusted forward in the swingarm and get better steering. I wouldn't think you would want to go much taller than this with the stock motor.

You will need a custom case saver as nobody makes one for the 650R that I've seen. I traced my Xr's Only 15T case saver (with the 3rd mounting point) onto a scrap piece of 1/4" aluminum. Sawed it out with a scroll saw, then I belt sanded it to fit. Slick as sh*t and with the 3rd mount it makes it the strongest case saver around.

Here are some pics;

my homemade one is on the left;


here is my 16T sprocket and case saver temporarily installed with only one bolt, with the XR's Only 15T beside. I didn't have the 3rd mount installed yet, but I do now;


what gearing would i need to hit 120?

I had my stock geared 650R up to just under 110 on GPS.


With stock 14/48 gearing on your 650R, your engine RPM would be 8800 RPM.

At 8200 RPM, that is 102mph.

Were you hitting the rev limiter?

Were you hitting the rev limiter?


I like popping that one in there because I don't know exactly when/where it happened during the ride. :thumbsup:

We had been doing WFO for close to an hour on some really hard pack dirt and when stopped I looked at the GPS, it said "Maximum Speed: 109.9mph" :thumbsup:

It probably was on a downhill stretch with a bit of coasting, but I had been bouncing it off the rev limiter a couple times during the ride.

also, if you know what final drive ratio you need to hit 120mph, you can look at the Ironman Sprocket Page where they have a chart that specifies all the ratio combos between the different sprocket sizes. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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