My bike runs great!

On Friday morning my PC Ti-4 lowboy system came in, Friday afternoon it was installed. Didn't get to ride it until Sunday but it was worth the wait.

So far I have installed a Twin Aire system, Hotcam, JD jetting main and leak jet and now the PC exhaust. This bike rips! It has power every where. I am 200 lbs. and it pulls me without any bogs or hesitations. If the rpms drop a quick stab at the clutch and the bike is pulling hard again. I am easily able to run a gear higher than usual in most situations and the bike seems to have much more top end. The bike is putting out substantially more power now, where I might hit the rev limiter before I now just upshift and let the bike run thru the meat of the power band.

This bike just continues to amaze me! After I had Race Tech do my forks and shock I thought things couldn't get any better. But with it running the way it does now I am one happy camper. :thumbsup:

I purchased a 06 head and am thinking of a porting job and a hi comp piston but with the bike running as well as it does, I'm thinking my next mod is a Rekluse Z start clutch anyone out there with any experience with the Rekluse let me know.

Valve probs or not (I've never had any), I love this bike! If the thing needs valves, ever, I will happily replace them and go on riding.

thats awsome man

good luck with that stuff

got my pc low boy ti used off ebay for 325.00. it was basically brand new. its perfect. like you said you can stay in that higher gear.

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