Giving It Up

Feeling kind of bad for myself. I have come to the decision that it is time to part with the RM. Though I enjoy the bike immensely and like riding the track I just don't have the time. It seems like a waste to leave the bike sit and only get to the track once every couple months.

It's not like I don't have anything to ride. I love the DRZ and I get to ride it quite often because I don't have to haul it an hour each way first.

I so wish I could afford the land to build a small track for myself :thumbsup:

That's a bummer, sorry to hear it.

No! is there any other way???

Sorry to hear. :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear that! But you are probably making a good decision, especially if its a newer bike... sell it before its outdated, and if you have the time/interest later, you can always pick up another! :thumbsup:

But wait a second... where in FL do you live, chewie? We might be heading that direction, toward Mayport, if my boyfriend gets transfered there next... I'll need a track riding buddy!!! :bonk:

Although you could always borrow my YZ250F, too! :thumbsup:

Well, it's not really a matter of needing to sell it. Of course extra $ is always nice. But the only riding it is getting is around the practice track in neighboring field (no jumps, just a few berms) And I imagine that will come to an end soon enough. Then it will be in my small field and up and down the dirt drive. I am sure the bike isn't saying "it's not fair. Let's go have real fun", but I can't see hanging onto it just for the occasional trip to the track. I wish they were open all week, then I could go more. :thumbsup:

I just kind of think that it will devalue just because of age even though it is not getting beat up. I won't give it away though, so maybe no one will want to buy it :thumbsup:

Selling is a tough decision. I had someone wanting my spare 80 but I figured if they wanted it bad enough they would pay for it...they didn't so I still have it! :thumbsup:

Things always have a way of working out!

I sooo thought this post would have been about something else :thumbsup:

Why can't you ride the RM on the same trails as the DRZ?


bboom: have to go on the street to get to the trails and even then there are not a lot of trails that we are allowed to ride on. Mostly lots of dirt roads. So I would have to load the bike up and drive somewhere. I need to retire so I can ride more :thumbsup:

Ah, now I get it! Bummer, sounds like retirement is the solution. Sounds like my situation, if you got the time you don't have the $$$ if you got the $$$ you don't have the time. :thumbsup:

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