Installing graphics kit?

I just bought the Two Brothers graphic kit for my sons KLX110. Do you need to wet the surface with soapy water like most bigger decals to get them on correctly? Their website is down and there were no instructions with the kit.


There is a good article in last months dirt rider...Or the month before.

Umm,,, I dont have either issue on hand. :thumbsup:

Yes apply just like the big bikes. I use soapy water (Joy) sprayed on the sticky part of graphics and the plastics. Put the decal's on and squeege out the soapy water. That's it. Quick easy and perfect every time.

the water actually worked against me or the graphic i bought was bad. i just tried that with a rear fender graphic from ebay and it won't stick. i got a front fender graphic and did it dry and it worked perfectly. also if you miss the first time you can pull it up and try again so don't be too scared to go for it!

The liquid base (windex, Joy, water, waterever) needed. However, I still always need a blowdryer to heat up the graphic to get bumps and small folds out. A heated graphic is much easier to work.

hey i just did my crfs graphics

Use a Spray bottle fill half with water, teaspoon of soap, and tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, spray on adhesive on back of graphics and plastics, line graphics up by moving it around, squeegee it out(i used a credit card), go over with a heat gun and your set, dont disturb graphics for about 24 hrs, also clean plastics good with rubbing alchol before you do anything

good luck

I dont see why you need to wet the graphics to put em on, I tried that once and the decal fell off. I just put a complete N-Style kit on my bike without using anything on them and every decal went on perfect. Just make sure you line them up good and dont peel all the backing off at once. Make sure you clean the plastics up good with alcohol or something so they stick good.

If you use the wet method. You must spend alot of time pressing the water out. It does work and it will make your graphic line up perfectly with no bubbles.

It can be alot easier when wet, esp on the shrouds! Less chance for error when attempting dry. If you did it you are better or luckier than most :thumbsup: The moisture evaporates, esp with the hair dryer. Aftewr a day of drying they are on well.

Thanks for the help. I tried it both wet and dry and the dry method worked better. The just slide around and never grabbed when wet. Just took my time and everything lined up perfect.

unfortunately the dry method will not work on number plates (muffler side) unless you are god like.

I always use the wet method it by far the best way. For those who have troubles with it sticking properly, I suspect they did not give it time to cure properly - at least 24 hrs. Also, you need to apply heat and squeegee all the windex out prior to curing.

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