Other Stiffer Clutch Springs

:thumbsup: Does anyone know if EBC or other manufactures, are making stiffer clutch springs besides Pro Circuit.

Maybe EBC clutch springs for a 250 will work. Does anyone know?

I would hate to spend $60 for Pro Circuit springs, when I could get

EBC springs for $10

EBC makes them. I opted for them this time rather than the PCs :thumbsup:

Barnett also makes them. Keating

Anyone know where you can get the EBC springs from?

Anyone know where you can get the EBC springs from?

I got mine from rockymountainatv.com

I'm sure you can get them in the TT store! :thumbsup:

I got mine from rockymountainatv.com

I checked the website and they don't have them for the KX450F only my YZ250F so it looks like pro circuit is the only source of stiffer clutch springs right now for the kx450f.

Would it be easier at this point, if your having a difficult time finding springs, to shim them with a washer over each spring?

The thumpertalk store has them, but what you can try is that or stretching the springs, which would make them stiffer when you apply pressure to them.

I will shim the springs with a washer. I don't know why I didn't think of that. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help

Tusk makes good springs for about $6. i have them and alot better then stock.Check out rockymountainatvmc.com

shimming the springs with washers is not a good idea. only if u need to get through race day.i got my barnett hd springs at parts unlimited through my dealer $12

Yeah I agree with the man above. If it was my bike I wouldnt shim them. You can get barnett springs through any dealer. Tell them its in tucker rocky book..

So Barnett has the springs for the new 450?

Last I checked the didn't.

they do, mine are on the way from the thumpertalk store. Not in the online catalog yet tho.

I just ordered new springs from Barnett through my local Parts Unlimited dealer. $15.00 and free shipping, they will be here Tuesday.....

Its a good idea to order a new gasket when you order your springs as well. Refer to your manual for torq specs.

Ive changed my clutch and spring about 5 times on my kx125, never had to change the gasket. The manual is overkill.

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