fabricating radiator braces

Does anyone have a pic of their radiator braces? I don't feel like paying $50-$60 for .080" Aluminum sheet. The pic on the works connection website doesn't show enough detail as I hoped but its easy to see that they can be fabricated in about an hour.

works connection and every one else uses .060 sheet aluminum. all I can say is make sure you make some templets and get your mesurments right.

but it's unless you have all the stuff to bend it with you more then likely going to spend more then the cost to buy them, so get off the wallet and get some, no affence!!

Check out the Flatland Racing or Unabiker guards. They're both top notch, but I think you'll find that there's a little more to it than bending sheet aluminum. There are stiffening ribs, clearance slots and all the venting holes to add. Then try to make them fit between the rads and the shrouds.

Like riderman said, break the lock off your wallet.


Good luck. :thumbsup:

I say go for it man. :thumbsup: I love to fab up my own parts. Radiator guards are the hardest things i've tried so far. The first pair didnt fit that great so i made a new pair with a different design. They have held up fine but im planning out new ones that will have better protection. I dont have any pictures but good luck if you try it.

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