Should the accel pump lever move slower then the throttle when you roll the throttle on?

mine does but when I cleaned it and there was no gas in it it moved smoothly it seems like it doesn't have enuff spring preasure to push gas out.

any comments or sugestions

01 wr426


Thanx alot hick

It is so cool that people will take the time

to answer a question from someone they don't know.

I have taken the pump part at the bottom out and cleaned it but have not looked at the rod.

if this isn't the problem could the spring be to weak?


It does seem like more spring tension might help too, but your observation is typical. The pump lever moves slower because it's working as a spring loaded damper. The fuel takes 2-3 seconds to flow even though you turn the throttle wide open in .1 seconds. The limited spring tension, orifice size, and stroke length determine how long it takes. So a shorter stroke or bigger orifice would reduce the time to finish pumping too.

When there is no gas in the pump the air flows much quicker and also compresses, giving a more immediate response at the linkage.


The pump is not operated directly by the throttle pulley, instead the pulley, when in the idle position, holds a spring loaded arm in the up position. When the throttle is opened then the spring is allowed to operate the pump by pushing the actuating rod downward.

If it appears that the spring isn’t able to operate the rod over its entire stroke in a rapid enough fashion, you may have to remove the rod and clean out the passage in the carb body that the rod passes through. Water (from washing your bike or riding in the wet) and dirt has a tendency to run down the actuating rod and sometimes grunge builds up in the passage in the carb body that houses the rod, creating enough of an obstruction to prohibit it from operating smoothly.

If this turns out to be the case then I would also recommend you clean out the pump housing itself as well, because the aforementioned water and dirt that runs down the rod usually continues down it and finds its way into the pump housing. Inside the pump housing is a diaphragm and spring, and the pump circuits are sealed by two very small, but dissimilar, o-rings. So be careful or you may lose some of these small parts.

To remove the rod on the Flat CR (’00 later bikes only) remove the fuel bowl and give a firm downward tug on the rod. The rod is secured in the plastic actuating arm by friction, it pops out and pops back in. A very narrow blade screwdriver can be inserted into the black plastic actuating arm to pry open the portion that holds the rod, making removal easier, but I’ve found that a good, swift yank works well.

If you find the rod’s surface has become rough due to operating amidst a layer of dirt polishing it with light grade emery paper will help restore smoooooth operation.

Hope this helps.


I took apart the accel pump cleaned the rod and blew out the port were the gas flows i am going to put it on tonight.


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