Hey guys, planning on buying an 06 650R, and putting it on the street. My question, that I cant seem to find a definative answer on is.. Is the stator re-wind necisary? or is it just something for larger lights, I would like to do it eventually, but for now the 35Watt bulb should do, will the stock stator run the signals, brake light, and head light, as well as charge the battery?

No, it's not necessary for dual sporting purposes. Nice to have, but not necessary. Check out the Baja Designs dual sport kits. I've got the quick release and while expensive is the best out there, IMO. Get her uncorked, suspension set and dual sported....you'll love it.

Yes, the stock stator will work fine with a basic Baja Designs (or similar) dual sport kit as long as you stick with the 35W headlight.

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