CDI or TPS 00'426

My bike has been dieing abruptly mostly at low rpm, hot or cold. I can feel it miss when I'm cruising in 5th. It will fire up as fast as you can give it a kick. Could the TPS cause this? From what I've read, it don't need to be plugged in. I've traced every wire= no signs of any problem. Tested the coil, tps, everything is in spec. If it would just die completely, it would make it so much easier. Could the CDI be starting to go? It has the 450 cam mod and the blue wire unhooked. Carb is clean and jetting seems fine. Where should I look?

so what ended up being the problem? i have the same symptoms.

they appeared almost suddently altough i suspect of either the hot start or the tps.. (or the coil maybe?).


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