needle change

I changed the needle on my 2000 wr400 to a 1999 DTM on the 3 setting along with the forums recommended changes of jets. My question is, when you have a 2000 bike and change to a 1999 needle,(DTM) must you change the needle jet as well. I went to the Yamaha shop and the 1999 part number was 5BE-14947 and the 2000 part number was 5JG-14947. I noticed many 2000 wr's change to the DTM needle, but no one has mentioned changing the needle jet. Are the tapers the same? If so, why the different part number.


The hole diameter is most certainly 2.90mm on both. The '99 had the original FCR where the '00 has a newr version. Many parts have changed.

The D in DTM is the taper. The same as DRS or D**. This is 1 degree. The EKP etc. have a 1.25 degree taper. These are used on the YZ426.


A lot of 00 owners go to the DTM. For now I'm happy with the DVP. It's only 20 degrees now so I have to wait before I can spend a lot of time with the DVP.

Glad to hear you are experimenting. This is the only way to realize the best setup.

I like James Dean recommendation. The EK series needles work really well w/ YZ timing on the '00. I chose an EKN for the winter, low altitude- the bike runs better than ever. Probably will drop it down to an EKP or EKQ in the spring. As far as setup, I run a WB tapered header, stock YZ pipe, YZ timing, no airbox lid, and WB powerfilter. The header didn't seem to change my jetting requirements, byt YMMV.

I would like to try the E series needles this summer. I ride a lot of tight woods so power delivery is important. So far I am happy with 2 set-ups for my area.

PJ45 PJ48

DRS#3 and DVP#5

MJ172 MJ172

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