Handlebar height?

I am 6 foot 4 inches. When I ride standing I feel rather uncomfortable. It feels like I have to lean over forward too much onto the bars to hold them or bend my legs too much. Is this normal? Will I get used to it? What are the options in higher placed handlebars? :thumbsup:

tag makes a set of risers that go with thier T2 bars that raises the bars up a bit...I had that problem also and this set up helped a lot. i think a couple other companies have this set up also but i like the tag bars theyre pretty strong

This (or equivalent) may be an option:


I used the tallest bars I could find (Pastrana FMX - 121mm height) without going to ATV bars. Actually, I think Factory 909 has a slightly taller bar then the Pastrana (I think it's the Deegan or Freestyle bar). Also, I installed a Pro Taper adjustable triple clamp and moved it in the most forward position. This helped a lot. However, I wouldn't recommend the Pro Taper clamp for a WR since you have to fabricate some brackets to mount the light/switch/ODO and the pinch bolt pattern on the clamp is a three bolt pattern, so you can't use the standard Cycra (or equivalent) triple clamp mount handguard mounts. Also, to mount a damper, you need to get a special mount (I know Tucker Rocky offers it).

In retrospect, I would use a BRP sub-mount clamp and the bar risers in the link above and adjust with the correct bar height/bend.

Good luck and let us know what setup you come up with.

I use the Applied bar risers/adapters for 1 1/8" bars on the stock clamp with Pastrana bend Pro Tapers. I'm 6'3" and I love this set up plus it all cost less than $130, pretty good compared to a new triple clamp from pro taper :thumbsup:

You might also look into a tall seat, I run the guts tall mediem foam and I love it!

GYT-R has a top triple clamp / bar combo specifically for the WR, no special mounting brackets needed for the speedo and stuff. I got these on the WR250 for the missus. They have great adjustablity. The only problem is that the bend of the bars are too low. They are cheap in australia for a top clamp / bar combo, and they are made by protaper. You can get a matching bottom clamp now too.


I would recommend getting a fatbar (protaper contour's are $60US) with adapters. This is the cheapest way to go. This will rase the bars heaps, but then your problem might be that the bars are not forward enough. I run my bars pushed way forward but the sweep of the bar starts to be a problem, the ends of the bars start to stick up in the air.

My mate has the tag YZ double high bend with adapter clamps and they seem perfect for me at 185cm tall. I just run poor mans renthal jimmy buttons. They aren't high enough and they are bent a bit already (3rd set of non-fatbars I have gone through).

I bet you feel cramped up on your bike! I know I do, you are taller than me!!! The bars help a crap load, it makes it easier to ride also.

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