02 vs 03 yz

hey whats up?

any advise on differences between an 02 or 03 yz 426? Im looking at both and not sure if there are any maint. or starting issues that might make one a better choice over the other. Do these things start easy? I have an 02 250 and the cam mod was the big issue there. now it starts like a dream.

02 is a 426 and the 03 is the 450. The 450 has the autodecompression - I owned both and the 450 is a much more refined ride. :thumbsup:

I still ride my 03 today...when I am not riding my 06.

The 03 is also much lighter than the 02. Both have titanium valves so you won't escape that although the Yamaha's don't have the problems the others do with the valves. The 03 has a 4 speed tranny while the 02 is a 5 speed.

All new ergo's, engine, suspension, etc etc. The two aren't even in the same category, if you ask me. Get the 450, anything before that is well out dated for a bike purchase.

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