catch can for WR450 (03)

Hi, I am looking for a catch can or something similar for my WR450 '03. What are you guys using? I'd prefer a "professional" solution rather than doing some work myself - for example something like this KTM Original Part: 316_0.jpg



Forgive my ignorance--what is it?

looks like it is for your carb hoses to catch any drips.

You mean "what is a catch can"?

Its a small container "catching" your bikes various fluids when crashing out at the race-track (supermoto) - it keeps the track clean and thereby avoids accidents of following riders. Most race-track owerns and supermoto-associations require you to have it. :thumbsup:

I am sure there are other names for that as well :thumbsup:

You mean "what is a catch can"?

I am sure there are other names for that as well :thumbsup:

Like piss bucket? :thumbsup:

Sure :thumbsup: But I guess more likely it's the one for the leather suit and the fluids from "inside" ;-)

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