orv trails in south Bama ?

I have been riding allot of tight singletrac and mx tracks around Fish river in south Baldwin county. I have A drz 400s and would like to ride some more open long dirt trails or roads more suited for the dual sport.Is there A data base that I can find some orv trails . Thanks .

I second that request , work in robertsdale live out in the boonies off hwy 112 but most all the dirt roads around here have gates on them and the ones without have a hunt ing club watching them to harrass you about being on "private" property , they are leasing it

I have been doing allot of exploring since deer hunting season ended .but still get escorted out of the woods by hunting camp members. I do respect there right to the woods most of the time I don't even know I am in there woods , There are so many open yellow gates and no signs saying to stay out.What is the rule? I see tracks and the Terran is sweet for dual sport, and there is SO much of it.. I just want to ride without pissing anyone off.

:thumbsup: I wish I knew , Ihave lived and rode here most of my life and still dont know . Worst of it is they even try to claim the public roads since it passes through their lease. :thumbsup:

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