How wide of a rear tire on a 2002 YZ426?

What is the widest tire size i can get for a 2002 YZ426?

Any suggestion on tire sizes or brands, etc.

I know some tires can even be wider because of the knobs, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


I ran a Dunlope 120 on mine, LOVED it.

I was thinking about getting the Maxxis Desert IT in a 120.

Just sort of curious is people are running 120's on back and having any problems, etc.

If anyone is using these Maxxis Desert IT's in 120 or other 120's, please let me know.

my bro has a 120 on his 250f everyone says that it will slow down the bike a lot but he still goes plenty fast

p.s. if your looking for the biggest baddest knobbie tire around then get a teraflex its huge and has steel bands on the inside for strength it is pretty expensive but will outlast any tire out there but it is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy heavier than any other tire i heard somewhere it was 5 pounds heavier than a normal tire

I run a 100/90/19 on my 426 and like it better than a 110.

I have a dunlop 110-100 18 on my 00' 426 but I was thinking about getting a Maxiis IT for the rear to try out. From some reviews that I have read it says that it is great on the muddy slosh and on the hard packed sand it takes off. Also when the terrain changes it said the IT has a good footing.

I just saw that the biggest tera flex makes is a 150

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