03 450 forks/clutch springs

i have 2 questions concerning my 03 yz450f. it seems as if the compression adjuster is on the bottom of the fork under the rubber protector cover? am i correct and if so, turning clockwise from under the bike would soften the suspension, correct? also, is it possible to put 250f/yz250 clutch springs in my 450? it seems abnormally hard to pull the clutch in through the corners and most other 450s i have ridden do not the kind of tension on the clutch. Thanks everyone

Clockwise on the clickers stiffens the damping; counterclockwise softens it. Be aware that the '03 fork is SENSITIVE to oil level changes, and they get pretty harsh near the high end of the recommended range. Consider checking the level, and run it as low as you can get away with without bottoming all the time, down to the 130mm limit. I used 110mm on mine while I had them. Sub tanks also help a lot.

On the clutch, the best solution, other than a complete Hinson, is to get this kit from Yamaha. Lighter pull, much smoother, freer operation. You can also lengthen the actuator arm to match the one in the kit, but the original '03 plate set will likely drag excessively if you do just that. Don't try lighter springs from a smaller bike.

thanks grayracer, i noticed that the plates are made for a 2005...they wouldnt work would they? or do i need to go to my yamaha dealer to get the 03 kit. also, with the subtanks, does it help on big hits or small choppy bumps. (what kind of tanks would you recomend) im having harsh landings on big jumps, and it feels like my front end is running over the grand canyon when i hit small bumps.

2005 clutch would work

Dont spend the money on subtanks yet. Spend the money on a revalve for the forks and shock first. It makes a huge difference. I eventually swapped the 05 TC forks on my 03 450, even better yet.

For the clutch, go buy a new cable, lube it. Then buy a ASV lever and perch (or something that uses the Honda CR pull ratio). To make takeoff smoother, you need the 02 clutch parts - the inner most friction plate, the spring washer and washer. Install those removing the first plate from the stock clutch and it will make things smoother. ALso if you just purchase the GYTR clutch kit it comes with all those parts plus a new acuator arm. Best deal for like $90 retail.

TC Forks? also, my cable is brand new, i bought the bike BRAND new in the summer of 05 but it was in a climate controlled warehouse and i lube the cable frequently...(it might not hurt to replace it, seeing it might have a little rust on the cable) also with the honda pull ratio? buy a honda lever? most clutch levers fit every bike...right? who do you recomend for the revalve, pro circuit, MB1, proaction.....?

agian...clutch parts for an 02? 426?


TC = twin chamber. The 05+ stuff on the YZs.

Revalve, I would suggest to go to your local MX track. Talk to those that are riding. Find out who is liked and not so liked. Then talk to the person or shop. Try to support those that support the local riders.

Clutch parts, yes you can add some parts from the 426 to smooth out the takeoff. I would just suggest to purchase the GYTR clutch kit. Comes will all that in there.

No levers only fit certain perches. Easiest way is to purchase a ASV clutch perch and lever set. You can also purchase cheap CR lever/perch sets, but the ASV type of levers just dont break.

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