Off to the Dark (orange) side; WR450 is sold!

So I made the decision and now I"m commited! Sold the 05 WR450, and I just picked up an 05 300exc. Hopefully I made the right decision... For me, 30" inseam and 160#, the WR was just TOO dang top heavy. I can only hope that the katoom treats me as well as the last 3 WR's I've had; not ONE problem on any of them, ever!

In any case, if any of you are looking, I'm selling a LOT of my extra stuff. Rekluse, extra front and rear wheels, FMF header, 2 FMF mufflers, Barnum air cover, Quickshot, and a crapload of extra parts (oil filters, spark plugs, etc).

Drop on in if you're interested in any of it:

And THANKS to all of you for all the help with the WR; I"ve gotta say Indy's jetting spreadsheet was invaluable!

I'm sure you'll hate your new bike :thumbsup:.

The only thing I'd say to watch are the fork seals. Keep them cleaned out.


Yeah, I've heard about the fork seals; definitely need to stay on top of that!

Blue; not sure why the terse reply???? I love the Yamahas, and I'm sure I'll own another soon. My post did not trash or demean the WR in any way; as I"m quite fond of it still. It just didn't fit ME.

enjoy the new bike.

make sure to come back and tell us how it compares! i'm always interested in hearing real world comparisons from TTers.

I definitely will; I only have one good ride on it so far, so I'm still adjusting. So far, it looks like I made the right decision...

Is The Acceleration As Linear With The 2 Stroke As Is The 4 Stroke

It's ALMOST as linear; there is a bit more of a 'hit', albeit a small one; but the bike isn't jetted properly and it has the yellow spring in. Jetted with the green PV spring they feel every bit, and possibly more, linear than the WR450. They feel very similar to the YZ 450 IMHO. The WR has that midrange hit or hump that feels VERY 2 stroke to me; and this was eliminated when I installed the YZ cam.

Good Luck, I have ridden the 300 and it is a very nice bike. I just switched from Honda to Yamaha, and went with the WR450. I have seen many, many, KTM's constantly breaking having defective parts. No way would I ever go with a KTM because they have screaming motor, but if every other part is broke or wont work what good is the motor. Just my opinion.

Good luck, I wouldnt go get rid of all your blue stuff, you will need it again. I tried the orange side for about 3 months, it sucked, I had an 05 450 MXC. Happiest day of my life was selling it. :thumbsup: I hope it works for you though.

Welcome to the dark side. Don't listen to those yamaloosers. The fork seals are fine. I'm on my second 300. they are the bomb. :thumbsup:

Hmmm; I dunno. Lots of people here with GOOD experiences with the KTM's too; I haven't heard hardly any nightmare stories. Other than the 'friend of a friend of a friend'...

I need to get rid of the blue parts for money! I told the old lady no more than 2 bikes in the garage at one time, and this made three, at least for a short time!

how much for the rekluse?

If I bought a new bike tomorrow that would be the bike I would buy.

flack; PM me if you want. I don't wanna talk prices in this thread...

If I bought a new bike tomorrow that would be the bike I would buy.

Either that or a TM300. :thumbsup:

I miss my CR500AF :thumbsup:

Other than the 'friend of a friend of a friend'...

Right, and that is dl19's entire knowledge base, this guy has a stupendous lack of knowledge on the subject. KTM's are as well built and equipped than anything out there, and they do not have a parts availability or parts price issue moreso than anything else does either.

I love my Honda and Hondas period, but thinking most dealerships stock a ton of OEM parts isn't any more true than anything else he has written,especially for off-road bikes.

Enjoy your 300 , it's one of the best off-road bikes made. Doug

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